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Ry X

GRAMMY-nominated artist and producer, RY X, is constantly in pursuit of connection. Connection to nature, to spirit, to the human experience - expression and vulnerability is at the core of his work and what he evokes as an artist. He has toured and performed around the world and collaborated with orchestras and establishments like LA Philharmonic and London Philharmonic. He has shared his work at the Nobel Peace Prize, St. paul’s Cathedral, and Notre Dame, scored for the Gothenburg Opera, and directed visual work over the past 10 years along with writing and producing for other artists like Drake, Black Coffee, and Keinemusik. His work is multifaceted, deeply emotional, and continually based in a reflection of what it ultimately means to be human, in its wide range of somatic and emotional experience. Ry engages all forms of artistic expression with his heart at the fore.

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