The Orpheum Theatre – one of L.A.’s most venerable landmarks opened its doors on February 15, 1926 and still has a Mighty Wurlitzer organ, that is one of three working pipe organs remaining in Southern California.  From a young Judy Garland’s 1933 vaudeville performance to recent filmings of the hit TV shows “American Idol” and “So You Think You Can Dance”, this renowned venue hosts an array of theatrical productions, religious events, concerts, weddings, film festivals, seminars, private parties, variety shows, awards shows, movie shoots, music video shoots, television show and commercial shoots and much more.

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05/28/2017 | 6:00PM

Bruin Bhangra

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Bruin Bhangra
Bruin Bhangra
05/28/2017 | 6:00PM (Doors at 5:00PM)

Bruin Bhangra

Established in 1998, Bruin Bhangra has annually hosted one of the most influential, popular, and exciting Bhangra competitions in North America.

The competition has been held Memorial Day Weekend ever year, allowing it to be a three-day event focused on showcasing Indian heritage through the Punjabi dance of Bhangra and aiding in the development of a more cohesive Indian community which stretched from California to Canada to the East Coast. It’s previous locations have been in Long Beach, Beverly Hills, and this year in Downtown Los Angeles.

Bruin Bhangra is a prestigious and well-acclaimed event, bringing in audiences and participants from all over North America and is associated with the creativity, originality, and vibrancy that illustrates what Punjabi culture and Bhangra is truly about.

Since its establishment in 1998, the organization has grown to create a network of over 115 alumni, who are now representing Chak De Phatte Inc. all over the world. Our founders have recently come together to create a website dedicated to preserving the history, and bringing together all the talented individuals that once played a part in making Bruin Bhangra come together.

06/03/2017 | 8:00PM (Doors at 7:00PM)

The Los Angeles Conservancy Presents
Last Remaining Seats
L.A. Confidential

Color; digital projection
138 minutes

Screening dedicated to Curtis Hanson (1945 – 2016)

A free Q&A session about the theatre will follow the screening. Stay in your seat to learn more about the history and architecture!

After the screening, join us at Clifton’s Republic for pub trivia, with questions about the movie, The Orpheum Theatre, and L.A. history. Participants 21 and older gain free entry and receive discounts on drinks by showing their Last Remaining Seats ticket.

About the Film

This neo-noir crime drama features Guy Pearce, Russell Crowe, and Kevin Spacey as three very different cops investigating the same homicide case. Set in 1950s Los Angeles, this tale of police corruption, organized crime, and Hollywood sleaze is filled with plot twists that keep the audience guessing.

Kim Basinger won both a Golden Globe and an Academy Award for Best Actress in a Supporting Role for her portrayal of femme fatale Lynn Bracken, a Veronica Lake lookalike prostitute with a heart of gold.

Loosely based on James Ellroy’s 1990 novel of the same name, L.A. Confidential was directed, produced, and co-written by Curtis Hanson. We dedicate Last Remaining Seats’ opening night screening of L.A. Confidential to Hanson, who passed away last year. Hanson grew up in the San Fernando Valley and was dedicated to preserving Los Angeles’ historic places. He served on the Conservancy’s Advisory Council for many years, and he hosted screenings at Last Remaining Seats in 2002, 2003, and 2007.