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León Larregui, one of Iberian America’s most influential rock personalities, released his first solo album, Solstis, in 2012. With singles such as “Como Tú” and “Brillas”, which respectively achieved Gold and Platinum certifications, the album received immediate acclaim. More than 120,000 digital and physical copies sold made Solstis Platinum certified and one of Mexico’s most memorable and representative productions of 2012.

 Four years later, León Larregui released his second album, Voluma, which debited #1 both on iTunes’ general chart and MixUp’s Top 10 nationally. The album’s physical format was edited simultaneously in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, and the United States, and digitally worldwide.

To this date, León Larregui has received multiple accolades for his solo singles:

“Brillas” -  9x DIAMOND + 3x PLATINUM,( moreover, the single has achieved the longest amount of weeks on Spotify Mexico’s Weekly Top Songs).

“Locos” - 4x DIAMOND + 1x PLATINUM + 1 GOLD

“Como tú” - 1x DIAMOND + 3x PLATINUM

“Souvenir” -  1x DIAMOND + 1x PLATINUM

“Birdie” - 2x PLATINUM + 1x GOLD

His albums have been awarded:

Voluma -  4x PLATINUM

Soltist – 1x DIAMOND + 3x PLATINUM

“Locos”, Voluma’s debut single, charted within the top spots on both national radio and digital platforms in multiple countries. The single’s music video, which has garnered more than 215M views to date, León Larregui continued his path as a video director- one that has taken him to receive various nominations such as Best Music Video- Short Version for “Arrullo de Estrellas” at the 2014 Latin GRAMMY and Video of the Year for “Fin de Semana” at the MTV MIAW 2015.

His craft as a video maker has strengthened throughout the years, having directed of Zoé’s most recent clips, “Karmadame” (co-directed with Ida Cuéllar and Stephane Carpinelli), “Velur” (co-directed with Diego Vargas) and “El Duelo” (co-directed with Margaret Turck).

Leon Larregui’s career is not limited to music and songwriting. His breathtaking audiovisual creations affirm that his creativity knows no boundaries.





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