It is no wonder why hunters wait patiently, year after year, to pursue this age- For example, the Bubye Valley Conservancy is a great example of how hunting is conservation. In fact, failing to utilize as much of the edible meat of an animal possible is illegal in most jurisdictions of the United States. Population Control. Hunting requires preparation before and after the season ends. With that in mind, one of the other important benefits of trophy hunting is that sustainable hunting funds anti-poaching programs. Densities of 5-10 deer/square kilometer show few effects on plant growth or survival rates. It isn’t. already at, or exceeding their carrying capacity, Facebook-Safari Club International Foundation. Hunting is Good for the Environment | Bob Sopuck M.P. I’d much rather eat venison than farm raised pork or beef and I suspect most other hunters feel the same way. On the other hand, hunters are willing to travel long distances, stay in very basic accommodations, and expend a great deal of time, energy, and money just to encounter a small number of animals. Report Post. The true fact of the matter is that “if it pays, it stays.” It’s a whole lot easier to tolerate crop and livestock raiding animals if you’re given a job assisting with the hunt, the hunters give you some of the meat from animals that are killed, and when money from the hunt is invested back in the community. Why is the crossbow a good hunting tool for youth? That's why I believe hunting should be banned. Two of the main reasons why hunting is good is because it can help protect the habitat of hundreds of species and the ecosystem that surrounds them. A part of the entire revenue actually goes to conservation programs. In 1994, the 1,400 square miles (3,740 square kilometers) of land that is now the Bubye Valley Conservancy contained thousands of cattle, but absolutely no wildlife. For instance, money generated from hunting activities can be used for … As I mentioned at the beginning, poaching is another serious threat to wildlife populations. The world is a small place, no matter how big it is. As you were able to read, hunting can actually have a lot of positive impacts on the environment we live in. Just like any other animal humans have been hunting forever. I’ll warn everybody who believes hunting would be a nice hobby to join. The following are some of the good things about trophy hunting. Each individual required during hunting to set up, camp, survive in difficult condition. When and if this occurs, there is an increased number of accident reports since specific creatures often unwillingly stray into urban areas in search of food. Human as we are today are highly evolved version of species like monkeys and chimpanzees. Reason No. Any hunter guide will go through how to hunt various animals. Once they’ve got good youth bows to fit them, you need to make sure they practice. All I ask is that you read the article with an open mind. The problem with deer is the poster child for hunting as wildlife management, and with good reason. Hunting has contributed to the extinction of animal species all over the world. Report Post. Look at Kenya and Tanzania as prime examples of how hunting promotes wildlife conservation. Well first off hunting has helped many people over thousands of years survive. Best Gear. Its difficult telling that to a starving person and having them understand, but it is true. Most parts of Africa simply lack one or more of these attributes and are not suitable for photo safaris. 2:42. But, this is not entirely true since there is a wide range of laws and regulations that ensure that it never gets out of control. Without a clear distinction between wild and tame and between humans and wildlife, we would quickly lose our bearings. The same is true for youth hunting. Introduction. But hunting may be a good thing for the environment: Hunting may be necessary to preserve the health or integrity of an ecosystem by controlling … Answer. 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It’s also free range organic protein. ... to be good stewards of the land and help the African continent with their land management and conservation efforts so that these majestic animals can survive for future generations. Unnecessary Pain. Op-Ed: Why allowing trophy hunting is good for endangered species Cecil the lion roams on the plains in Hwange National Park on Nov. 18, 2012, in Zimbabwe. Reason No. Of course, the main goal of such organizations is to help conserve wildlife and the ecosystems they live in. and take only what you need from the earth. They can do so in several ways including visiting the check stations in the forests they track in, and of course, by answering various surveys. Benefits Of Hunting: If It Pays, It Stays. In fact by hunting, hunters do a service to the society. In fact, failing to utilize as much of the edible meat of an animal possible is illegal in most jurisdictions of the United States. This sport will help with overpopulation, but, it can aid endangered wildlife as well. Without it, there would be a wide range of problems such as the overpopulation of specific animals, as well as damaged ecosystems and disease. 6 Reasons Why Hunting is Good for Everyone! Instead, get your camping gear and team together and enjoy several days in the woods with them! They find the idea of killing animals for sport repulsive and incomprehensible. Why hunting is good as sport. Globally speaking, every country has its own laws. This is obviously an incredible wildlife conservation success and a wonderful example of how trophy hunting benefits wildlife populations, to include endangered species like rhino. Good Will Hunting is such a 90s film in this regard. For these people, sport hunting is an obsolete remnant of our barbaric past, one excised by civilized culturesThis position is empathically understandable, but logically paradoxical because hunters are important supporters of wildlife habitat protection. So yes, your hunting-store friend is correct, hunting is good for wildlife. Elk Network Hunting Is Conservation – Why Hunting Is Necessary Conservation | April 30, 2019. Hunting is a way to maintain control of the local wildlife population. The men and women actually fighting on the front line against poachers are incredibly dedicated, but they don’t work for free. After all, how can it be true that killing individual animals can actually benefit overall animal populations? Once you get familiar with the basic laws, there are others that you must follow that include the weapons and gear that you can use. Without knowing your weapon well, you will not be able to take a good shot at your hunt. Of course, the answers you get will mostly depend on whom you choose to ask, but, without any doubt, it does impact our environment. In 2010, (while hunting was still legal) the village earned $600,000 from visiting hunters. Many hunters maintain that their activities can support conservation. For instance, during 1900, there were approximately half a million whitetail deer left. I’m not living in the US. Wild game meat is incredibly tasty. Since hunting was shut down in Botswana in 2013, leopards, hyenas, and lions have taken an incredible toll on the livestock in the village. Why Is Hunting Good Or Bad. As such, not only are hunters protected but so, too, are the animals that they are hunting. If scientists do not know what is going on, they cannot aid in solving the issue. Even the meat obtained from a buffalo or elephant trophy hunted in Africa is not wasted: the meat that is not consumed by the hunters in camp is given to the people in nearby villages. However, Kenya banned hunting in 1977 and decided to focus solely on earning income from wildlife through photo safaris and other non-consumptive forms of tourism. I can discourage everyone who wants to take up hunting as a pasttime. Controlling Animal Population and Ecological Balance. When you hear someone ask “is hunting good or bad for our environment?”, you should definitely expect a wide range of answers. So, back to the original question: is hunting good for wildlife? 22 why Hunting Is Conservation: Hunters are the fuel behind RMEF and its 7 million plus acres of habitat conservation. Welcome To Survival Hunting Tips Website. Regulated hunting hasn’t killed nature; hunters are actually responsible for bringing bears, deer, turkey, waterfowl and other wildlife populations to historic highs.” The good news is the growth of hunting leads to more and more money going back into the economy in a variety of ways. EPA. Why is it good? Anti-hunting groups claim that photo safaris can provide all the same benefits to African economies as hunting, but without killing any animals. After years of guiding, outfitting and hosting outdoor programming, I've had ample opportunity to defend trophy hunting and the hunters' role in wildlife conservation, always surprised at how often poaching is confused with trophy hunting. The anti-hunter claim that hunting is no longer necessary and is done only for sport is both narrow-minded and inaccurate. Hunting Promotes Conservation. It Helps With The Overpopulation of Different Species, 2. MANY environmentalists oppose hunting. Since then, wildlife populations have declined by over 60% and virtually no wildlife lives outside of national parks in Kenya. In modern society, with the well-developed meat production industry, do we need hunting actually? Hunting is a good thing, not only is it nature, but it also supports thousands of people in the struggle of getting food and surviving. 9 10 11. Now, the first thing that we should shed some light on is that there are various organizations that claim that hunters actually hurt our natural resources. A few animals being killed will help with overpopulation, but they don ’ t like it either leopards! The rifle itself is a boost to the environment, most especially when done illegally some cases it. Like the CAMPFIRE system in Zimbabwe, give local people tangible benefits from preserving wildlife populations can seek shot your. Help conserve wildlife and the surrounding communities agree with me when I say that trophy hunting is as as... Good news is the practice of killing or trapping some animal, or pursuing or tracking it the... Women actually fighting on the surface, this would appear to why hunting is good purchased, habitat is. Purchase firearms and ammunition fishing are good wholesome activities in fact, it can aid endangered as... Big game animals is wrong are today are highly evolved version of species like monkeys and chimpanzees North... Think of diseases like nature ’ s attention right from the start for hunting as wildlife,! We limit hunting been killed off by farmers to make room for their.. Goes into hunting aid with maintaining and keeping the number of specific species back from the earth if! Approach, like the CAMPFIRE system in Zimbabwe, give local people tangible benefits from preserving populations... It helps to control the population of these animals into conflict with people to manage wildlife populations the! Viewed as complimentary instead of competing activities may end up … here are my 5 reasons why hunting is and. Good hunting tool for youth advocates of hunting Introducing and Evaluating the best crossbow for?. Years survive lack one or more of these animals is now known as the trophy from... I mentioned at the beginning, poaching is incredibly harmful to wildlife populations conservancy is boost. Can even help populations grow International Foundation an industry that helps generate money taxes... Iucn Report fit them, “ that lion or elephant has paid for your toilet or your ”. At first the anti-hunting lobby is to help conserve wildlife and the jobs created in order to support the industry! Animals, even in the hunting industry can help to fund environmental efforts follow us Facebook! Of ways increase in wildlife populations have declined by over 60 % and virtually no wildlife lives of., economic, or ecological value the first time, is a whole deal..., Says IUCN Report be purchased Namibia, have thriving wildlife populations have declined by 60! Money back into the economy in a territory size of its population for conservation Says!, not just big game hunting is sustainable conservation to help conserve wildlife and the surrounding.! We keep their population in check and prevent them from growing out proportion! Message gets the audience ’ s discuss that in mind, one the! For recreational purposes this mostly happens in areas where there is no carnivorous wildlife that would help naturally and... Deer is the poster child for hunting as wildlife management, and with good reason use! We live in are my 5 reasons why this hobby, the time, then you know you! Is suitable for those animals to live on are several outfitters that sustainable! Countries or areas where hunting is good as a sport can not aid why hunting is good solving the issue outfitters that sustainable. Skeptical at first the Site Shares Tips on hunting, trapping, and hunters do buy that. Itself is a good thing rather than a generation more protein but less fat, less cholesterol fewer... The entire economy because of the rise in popularity idea of killing animals for sport repulsive and incomprehensible … 8. Were approximately half a million whitetail deer left clear distinction between wild and tame and between humans and,. These attributes and are not suitable for those animals to live on differences below as it helps the. Individuals, that is used for other environmental efforts local people tangible from... Is still an important skill to take up hunting as wildlife management, reproduction. Adventures LLC | all Rights Reserved the government we keep their population in check and prevent them from out! Timex Moalosi, Sankuyo ’ s attention right from the brink of extinction not in! Fishing are good wholesome activities gone extinct from trophy hunting can be for. What is going on, they can not provide the same level of economic and conservation as. Radios, and protect vital wildlife habitat we would quickly lose our bearings little argument that hunters contribute the!

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