The paramedics rolled him onto the gurney. And all of these sentences can be categorized into 4 types of sentences: declarative, interrogative, imperative, and exclamatory; each with its own specific purpose. 3. he rolls. roll the puff pastry onto a floured surface until it is about 1cm thick. Honor roll in a sentence - Use "honor roll" in a sentence 1. Within a few minutes the plane was dipping and rising in a way that made her stomach roll uncomfortably. Then using the word/words you rolled create a sentence. roll verb (TURN OVER) B1 [ T usually + adv/prep ] to ( cause something to) turn over onto itself to form the shape of a ball or a tube: He rolled the clay into a ball in his hands. roll call in a sentence - Use "roll call" in a sentence 1. 1135-1201) (q.v.) This meant going to a local café and scrounging together some money for an egg roll. An example of to roll is throwing a pair of dice. stabilizer bar, you tend to have a lot of trouble with body roll in a turn. 86+4 sentence examples: 1. ; To roll back means to move back or reduce. In other machines a roll of narrow paper, in width equal to the circumference of the cigarette, is converted into a long tube, filled with tobacco, and automatically cut off into proper lengths. If compact ("roll") sulphur is wanted the distillation is made to go on at the quickest admissible rate. It is impossible to say how much reliance may be placed on these figures, but from the 18th century, when the name of every subject had to be inscribed on the roll of a temple as a measure against his adoption of Christianity, a tolerably trustworthy census could always be taken. 3. he rolls. slice of ham and a finger of Gruyère cheese on each escalope and carefully roll up each bundle into a neat curl. Cypress offers a wide variety of sandwiches including hot oven grinders, clubs, a reuben and the hot buttered lobster roll. I meant to ask for roast turkey salad in a wholegrain roll, hold the butter and easy on the low-fat mayo. The result: unbeatable stability and forgiveness, reduced skipping at contact and pure roll. 0. The BBC, to put it in the popular English vernacular, is " on a roll " with its French for Africa service. Rhyn felt Hell's and Sasha's power roll over him like a boulder in a river. For example, have you ever snorted cocaine from the belly-button of a famous female rock ' n ' roll star? Instantaneous Axis of a Cylinder rolling on a Cylinder.Let a cylinder bbb, whose axis of figure is B and angular velocity -y, roll on a fixed cylinder acm, whose axis of figure is A, either outside (as infig. 2. Beware of leaving crowbars on a slope where they may slide or roll down. Over 2,000 schools are maintained, with, in 1920, some 125,000 scholars on the roll. The long roll of charges made upon the r9th of April finally decided him; he gave up all idea of defence, and wrote to the king begging him to show him favour in this emergency.'. Roll, ultimately derived from the Latin noun rota, meaning “wheel,” is the basis of numerous idioms about movement, many of which are listed and defined below.. 1. a rolling stone gathers no moss: a proverb meaning that one who remains active will not become complacent or hidebound. This leisure based constructivism is perhaps where we need to think about taking our e-learners in the next phase of our e-learning roll out. Miss your turn to roll the dice. If you do n't have a stabilizer bar, you tend to have a lot of trouble with body roll in a turn. It is impossible to do more here than mention the names of the most famous of the long roll of poets which are noted in the works of Snorri and in the two Skalda-tal. Give me a guitar tuner and a roll of gaffer and I'm the new roadie. ballsy rock n' roll songs that stick, and the band look and sound sharp. After the camp was cleaned and the wagons were ready to roll, she smiled up at Bordeaux. 5. either (I) by the Mexican crusher or arrastra, in which the grinding is effected upon a bed of stone, over which heavy blocks of stone attached to cross arms are dragged by the rotation of the arms about a central spindle, or (2) by the Chilean mill or trapiche, also known as the edge-runner, where the grinding stones roll upon the floor, at the same time turning about a central upright - contrivances which are mainly used for the preparation of silver ores; but by far the largest proportion of the gold quartz of California, Australia and Africa is reduced by (3) the stamp mill, which is similar in principle to that used in Europe for the preparation of tin and other ores. "Glovers" of Horsham are mentioned in a patent roll of 1485, and a brewery existed here in the time of Queen Anne. They really love rock ' n ' roll, they really respond. 2 roll something up, roll up something Turn something flexible over and over on itself to form a cylinder, tube, or ball. This music is roll up your sleeves, in your face, hard bop blowing at its best. I can roll the ball to her chair. roll somebody/something onto something She rolled the patient onto his side. In 1905 there were 343 state schools, with 19,000 pupils on the roll,, and administered by 600 teachers; there were also 180 private schools, with 310 teachers and 9000 scholars. Besides, in case of the entire roll not being filled with the text, the unused and inferior sheets at the end could be better spared, and so might be cut off. use ready roll puff pastry to make mini cheese pies. Tortoise turned the vibraphone into a rock and roll instrument, man ! Sentence with the word roll. (verb) The days rolled along. Now the rest of Roll Deep are to claim what is rightfully theirs. This arrangement was adopted, not for the purpose of fraudulently selling bad material under cover of the better exterior, but in order that the outside of the roll should be composed of that which would best stand wear and tear. The interior of the roll consists of small and broken leaf of various kinds, called Roll " fillers "; and this is enclosed within an external Tobacco. CK 1 2646327 Tom rolled up sleeves. Then, using the lightest pressure possible, What astonishment that such beauty urges me into bed for a nightlong sweaty, Right around that time was the emergence of rock and, In point of fact, the good times have not yet started to, They hear the happy talk and they shake their heads or, Brush each piece of lamb with Dijon mustard, then, Whenever possible, opt for real fish, and sneak some extra fiber into the, Seeing as Parker has spent most of his life lambasting the elitism of British society, isn't it a bit rich to then suddenly, Since then, it has served to elect Democrats who can only win if they, Precursors to today's riot grrl and queercore bands, they broke through and gave women in the liberation movements their own rock and, Healthy individuals had lucked out while their sick relatives simple ended up with a bad genetic, And by the way, if we really are just a colony of Europe, where did the rock and, So why are so many wealthy Florida business owners lining up to, After an hour or so with his head under the bonnet, and various trips to the public toilet for water refills, the radiator was patched up, and we were ready to, I will detour for a moment because this where I often see interviewers and pundits, Take the ball of dough out from the fridge, lightly flour a clean work surface, and use a rolling pin to, Your future holds the trappings of a rock 'n', Also has handy circles marked to make it easy to, Can be used with minimal agitation when processing, If you're using the oven, you may want to transfer the chicken to a foil-lined jelly, As Maria set out to begin another day in the ice cream truck, chubby would, Using powerful floodlights to attract the delicacy known to the Japanese as ika, the boats employ sails which are rigged astern to reduce the ship's, We hang together, go to the same school and think rock 'n', They are enclosed, usually with hard tops and heaters and, The Beavers, Cubs and Scouts plan to plot the course of the balloons as reports, If an abort is attempted under such conditions, hydroplaning, which will cause severe control and braking losses, may occur at higher ground, The execution features a black-and-white, knees-down shot of an athlete sitting on the toilet with shorts bunched at his ankles and a, Connecticut is rightfully famous for being the birthplace of the hot lobster, And the time is right now to witness three of bodybuilding's hottest stars get diced and, Nonetheless, he has taken some solid hits, and there is a drunken, halting, The items stolen include a Bosch router, Makita rip saw, Dewalt chop saw, Kango concrete breaker, Bosch strimmer and a, But he was as good a husband as the king of rock 'n', If youngsters and teenagers are so out of control that we have to, My brother and I would pretend fight, I'd be knocked down, and then I'd, Ragtime, blues, country, jazz, soul, and rock and, At the Slaton Co-Op, the 500-pound bales continue to, As insane as it is to watch the likes of Kurt and Blaine live it, we're so jealous that we just. Suggested Videos A glance at her phone made her roll her eyes. He was like those guys in the musicals—loveable rogues who roll into town and catch the eye of the local star-struck gal and sweep them off their feet. Dean returned to the table and conveyed the news as he picked up his coffee— no roll, no change. get rolling or get/start the ball rolling: get started. As they rotate they roll themselves up the pairs of bands which are attached to the top of the casting, and at the same time cause the leaden weights attached to the bottoms of the cylinders to take up a lateral position, where they exercise a leverage opposing the motion of the cylinders, and bringing them up in a definite position corre - sponding to the pull of the vertical rod. I cannot roll my Rs. How to use roll up in a sentence. A written roll flies over the Holy Land; this is a concrete representation of the curse which in future will fall of itself on all crime, so that, e.g., no man who has suffered theft will have occasion himself to pronounce a curse against the thief (cf. To form a roll the several sheets «oXX, F .cara, were joined together with paste (glue being too hard), but not more than twenty sheets in a roll (scapus). carta, for charta, paper), originally a roll of paper, parchment or other material, containing the charge of powder and shot for a firearm, a cartridge, which itself is a corruption of cartouche. roll somebody/something over onto something I rolled the baby over onto its stomach. tempura roll, and black cod with miso, then order them all again. Special features Automatic cord rewind means you can roll the cord into the cleaner at the press of a button. The men wear a tarbush with white roll, a black under-robe with white girdle, a short loose jacket, and when necessary an aba or parti-coloured cloak over all. When you live on a farm you learn to expect days like this and roll with the punches. entrusted the collection of this tax to Master Boiamund (better known as Bagimund) de Vitia, a canon of Asti, whose roll of valuation formed the basis of ecclesiastical taxation for some centuries. You could argue that this is a move back to the heyday of rock 'n' roll where the single was the dominant force. Books roll off the printing machine at the rate of two a week. c'mon everybody - Wyvern Theater Two hours of non stop Rock ' n ' Roll. The richly dressed and mounted trumpeter is one of six musicians featured on the Westminster Tournament Roll. crepe paper 5cm wide off the end of the roll. 13. she is rolling. To measure pitch and roll information, a two-axis tilt sensor, or a two or three-axis accelerometer is commonly used. Learn the definition of the word "roll" and how to use roll in a sentence. Yael attained High Honor roll status all four years in high school. The expression on a roll means having a streak of success or a period of good luck. 9. he rolled the dough. : But by the time the 11pm roll call came he had already absconded. It is also applied to the official list of matriculated students in a university, and to the roll in which a bishop inscribes the names of his clergy. ; Frank has been on a roll since he took a new job at the bank. (io) Megillah, " roll " (of Esther), the reading of it at Purim, &c. (11) Mo`ed gaton (" the small M," to distinguish it from the name of this order), or Mashkin (the first word), regulations for the intermediate festivals at Passover and Tabernacles. Roll up definition: If you roll up your sleeves or trouser legs , you fold the ends back several times,... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples Top tip re: empty loo roll stuffed with hay - my 2 bunnies have had great fun! It was a Brit, Malcolm Sayer, a rather portly chap who smoked roll up cigarettes. lentil soup, wholemeal roll with portion of Laughing Cow Lite. Grammar Roll a Sentence is a fun way to get your students writing complete sentences. (honor) loo roll tube to the top of the bigger box. It was Vergniaud's duty to proclaim the result of the roll call. Découvrez des références, des avis, des tracklist, des recommandations, et bien plus encore à propos de Alcatrazz - Live Sentence - No Parole From Rock 'n' Roll sur … To roll a field; to roll paste; to roll steel rails. 0. Roll out the pastry to line an eight inch round flan dish. At last Burnside moved forward, and, after a brilliant defence by the handful of men left to oppose him, forced the Antietam and began to roll up Lee's right, only to be attacked in rear himself by A. Like if I'm in a ball game, I'm the one who has the ground ball roll between my legs. Every resident of Tasmania for a period of twelve months who is twenty-one years of age, natural-born or naturalized, is entitled to have his name placed on the electoral roll, and to vote for the district in which he resides. Then roll up from the ribbed bottom to create a " slouch hat " being slightly large gave it a slouch hat " being slightly large gave it a slouchy comfy fit. 25 examples: Ongoing dialogue, operational research, and incorporation of learning… verb . The Megillah or Roll of Esther is read both at home and in the synagogue, and wherever, during the reading, the name of Haman is mentioned, it is accompanied with tramping the feet. People like to have enough comforter to be able to either roll themselves up in it or to share with another person, so you may want to buy a comforter that can do double duty as an all-around blanket. CK 1 1164259 Tom rolled over in bed. And I answered, I varda a flying roll; the length thereof is dewey dacha cubits, and the breadth thereof dacha cubits. The design incorporates high strength steel tubing as found in roll cages and the like. Roll up definition is - to increase or acquire by successive accumulations : accumulate. One of the demons launched itself down the hall after her, only for the other to tackle it and the two of them to roll down the hall in a furry mass of wings, legs, and snapping teeth. In this enviable retreat, it is no wonder that a year should have been suffered to roll round before he vigorously resumed his great work - and with many men it would never have been resumed in such a paradise. Roll out a strip of the underlay on top of the subfloor, leaving a narrow gap (appr. Crestline's Double easel is a wood easel with a tool tray, two surfaces and a paper roll. The gear operating the paper roll is driven from the axle of an inde pendent wheel which is let down into contact with the rail when required This wheel serves also to measure the distance travelled. Give me a guitar tuner and a roll of gaffer and I 'm the new roadie. At the end of the roll call, the doors of the GO rockets closed. New Roll On The Blog: Backword Entry 6/7/2004 Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is next ! 2. He was like those guys in the musicals—loveable rogues who roll into town and catch the eye of the local star-struck gal and sweep them off their feet.

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