NOTICE: Some violations are reported to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) and will show up on your driving record.Before paying online, you may want to call the court at 806-775-2473 to verify whether the violation is reported to DPS. ; 07/22/2020 - We have updated our FAQ with information regarding the expungement of cannabis cases. Lubbock, TX 79457 . This means: Depending on your violation, you might be able to pay your fine online, by mail, by phone, or in person.. Generally, you must pay in person if you're a minor or the violation is a criminal offense. Law enforcement agencies in Menard, TX - Texas change agency state | change agency city. Electronic Payments. The County Clerk has many roles in Menard County Government. 08/11/2020 - Macon County has resumed participation with, and is once again available for EPay and EPlea services. Paying traffic tickets online in TX, for instance, is an option that is offered by a large number of state courts. News/Status. Payment plans or Paying your Judgment(s) or Order(s) instead of performing community service for the fines and fees; Any new citation: if you pay any new citation you received without a court order, a plea of no contest and a judgment will be entered. If you need to make a payment, please refer to the payment instructions on your citation or contact the agency directly. You must understand that payment in full of any fine through this system constitutes an admission of GUILTY or NO CONTEST and will result in the entry of a conviction against you. The County Clerk is the keeper of the official seal of the County, Clerk of the County Board, keeper of vital statistics, marriage licenses, assumed names, tax extension, delinquent taxes and the Menard County Election Authority. This site does not process payments for any agencies in the specified location. Pleading Guilty to Your TX Ticket. Any such convictions will be reported to the Texas Department of Public Safety or … Welcome Welcome to the office of the Menard County Clerk & Recorder. E-Pay. (Link will open in a new tab.) No agencies found! Nolan County Justice of the Peace. 100 E. Third ST, Suite 101, Sweetwater, Texas 79556. Phone 325-235-5482. In Texas, paying a non-criminal traffic ticket is an admission of guilt or "no contest" plea.. 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. ***** 915 Avenue J . Nolan County Justice of the Peace, Sweetwater, Texas Online ticket payment portal. How to Pay a Traffic Ticket Fine in Texas. Attended by Concho County Hospital, Kimble Hospital, and Heart of Texas Memorial Hospital; this land is served by four airports: Menard County Airport, Herd Ranch Airport, M&M Land Company Airport, and Womack Ranch Airport. Basketball Ticket Information Menard Basketball Ticket and Gym Information Notification of Positive COVID case on 11/5/2020 Notification of Positive COVID case on 11/5/2020 Notification of Positive COVID case on 11/3/2020 Menard PTO Parade and Auction COVID and Virtual Learning Jacket Stadium Guidelines 2020 Rocksprings Ticket Sales You can see that entry here. Find your County These Counties provide Electronic Payment processing for (No Court Appearance Traffic Tickets) and/or Payments on existing cases (post-disposition) Adams County: Lee County : Alexander County: ... Menard County : Coles County: Mercer County: Cook County: Monroe County: Crawford County: Montgomery County: Traffic, parking, speeding, and most other tickets and court payments can be paid online here. The methods available to pay traffic citations in Texas vary depending on the procedures of the court that is processing the traffic fine.

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