HelpStay and HelpX are similar sites that list free volunteer opportunities for gap year students and other travelers. Otherwise, just make sure the host doesn’t want any money from you before you go or you arrange to buy your own food. 4. Best Workaway Experiences - My 10 Favorite Hosts on Workaway. ... hosts who have both yellow AND green indicated for the months you have selected will be shown. If you move the toggle to the right ONLY hosts who have indicated green will be shown. My best experiences on workaway were with genuine hosts that weren't counting up your hours and instead were more interested in exchanging language, advice, and life experiences. ... On its top, the … After searching through 100s of hosts, I have brought down my list to 10 AMAZING hosts on Workaway. In other words, nobody signs up for a lifelong friendship. But I think that as workaway has gotten more popular, the general quality of both hosts and volunteers has deteriorated. Workaway allows you to contact multiple hosts in advance and work out your plans. Here are some work exchange sites like Workaway: I’ ve had five WorkAway hosts, tw o out of five were unfortunate experiences. Available in over 170 countries! Workaway differs from our best volunteer programs such as International Volunteer HQ and Plan My Gap Year in that you search for individual hosts on their platform. Finally, staying for a longer period of time allows you to absorb the culture more. Workaway is a work exchange between you and your host. Workaway Host List - Find Hosts and Organisations . Workaway is not the only online volunteering platform available. The projects that they list usually are not structured volunteer programs and you may not have an opportunity to interact with other volunteers or travelers. Before going on my first trip with Workaway I searched everywhere for a list of amazing Workaway hosts and was surprised by how little was out their. Available in over 170 countries! After that, I learned what to do to have the best work trade experience. They were also my first two. Work will usually be for 4-5 days, allowing you 2-3 days to explore the city or country where the host is. Workaway is the biggest online portal for finding and hosting volunteer work exchange opportunities around the world. The best part about Workaway is that anyone can join. There is no age limit and it’s perfect whether you are a solo traveller, travelling in a pair or even want to travel with your family. Different hosts require different people to perform the duties required. I recommend them the most for two reasons. Workaway has quite a few contemporaries. Workaway is here to promote fair exchange between budget travellers, language learners or culture seekers who can stay with 1000s of families, individuals or … Many hosts want you to stay at least a couple weeks, if not a couple months. These have been around for a while, are well tested, and ultimately the best proven ways to find a work exchange program. Don’t Expect Your Host To Be Your New Best Friend. Popularity. The big three are WWOOF, Helpx and WorkAway. Each has its own quirks but most offer similar services although, remember: Workaway has 40000+ hosts, which makes it by far the best value of any other similar volunteering site.

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