Eero. Check out our naming tool for more suggestions, as well as our lists of top 100 boy dog names, top 100 girl dog names, unique dog names, or cute dog names. And all have been bred over the years to assist their owners in bringing home food for the family. Baloo Chubby Ted Snuggabear Franklin Furby Mr. / Mrs. Softy Teddy Snowball Snuggles Bear Winnie Poof Grizzlee Fluffy Puffy Polar Cotton Kodiak Mr. Goodbear Shaggy Snowflake Alpaca Bob Cloud Puffin Ringlet Theodore Bella Whiskers For the privilege of hunting bear, in addition to the required hunting license and big game permit, a hunter must obtain a bear tag issued in his/her name at a cost of $25 for residents and $100 for nonresidents. (We’ve got girl dog name suggestions, too.) Duke – Really a royal title, not a military title, but it still has a powerful and imposing ring to it. ambassador for the WDFW. If you have a dog that has some of these bear-like qualities or that reminds you of a bear in some way, there are many good names you can choose. Neptune – Great if you have a retriever. Russian name meaning bear (thank you to everyone who mentioned it in the comments). You probably do not want to Download this e-book for guidance on these questions and other important factors to consider when looking for a puppy. You’ve come to the right place. GET YOUR UNTAMED GEAR: Follow us on Instagram: @TheUntamed LIKE our Facebook page: Aimo. Aku. The list here is a suggestion of hunting dog names that might make a great name for your new hunting pal. Customers posted 600+ DOG NAMES with puppy photos to match 1 - Jake 2 - Maggie 3 - Max 4 - Sam 5 - Duke 6 - Molly 7 - Bailey 8 - Gunner 9 - Sadie 10 - Belle 11 - Jack 12 - Bear 13 - Dixie 14 - Lady 15 - Abby 16 - Buck 17 - Buddy 18 - Ginger 19 - Lucy 20 - Hunter

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