Beaconhouse Educational Complex, Level: Senior (A Level) Civil Lines Branch, Level: Primary; ... Senior Wah Branch, Level: Senior; Uniform Uniform Girls Beaconite girls from Pre-Nursery to O Levels have an A-Line half sleeves white shirt with a blue collar and cuffs for summer. Buy best quality and cheap School Uniform for Girls in Pakistan. • cambridge aice diploma is not a pre-requiste to getting scholarships abroad The winter uniform has the same shirt, only with full sleeves. Beaconhouse School System aims to provide quality education of an international standard. Contact Phone :091-5711511 Mobile : 0321-9060686 Mobile : 0331-5711511 Beaconhouse A Level Campus Faisalabad, Faisalabad. get your caie registration form for the session may/june 2021 from google classroom. We deal in all the major schools like Roots international, City school, Beaconhouse School System, Dar-e … Students study in a range of systems, including Montessori, Reggio Emilia, and the O and A levels, and enroll in either the group flagship programme – Beaconhouse School System, with 71,000 students – or its parallel system of franchise schools – The Educators, with 75,000 students. The counsellors were identified from within our schools following a process of selection and interviews, and will initially be looking after O Level and Matriculation students in 11 campuses across the country. We offer co-education classes from the Kindergarten level to Grade 10. Beaconhouse School System is an extensive network of private schools striving to provide quality education and improve the education standard to meet future needs. BSS is fulfilling the training and educational needs of people of all ages, varying socioeconomic groups, and nationalities. The school is majority owned and managed by the Beaconhouse Group. deadline for form submission is 14th december 2020. We deal in all the major schools like Roots international, City school, Beaconhouse School System, Dar-e … Buy best quality and cheap School Uniform for Boys in Pakistan. 13K likes. Beaconhouse Has More Than 6 Campuses In Karachi Alone – City Has That Many PLUS one As Big As 6 Legend has it, that he or she who enters the PAF Chapter campus of City School in Karachi, can’t find the exit without first running into three different bathrooms and the backside of a lab assistant, and the assistant likes it. The Beaconhouse Group has been in the business of providing quality teaching & learning since 1975 and is present in nine countries worldwide. Beaconhouse students proved their mettle once again with outstanding results: the Class of 2018 stood out in Pakistan with a staggering 17,299 As in the O and A Levels. Beaconhouse … We launched our Student Counselling Programme with a bespoke 10-day training session at Beaconhouse National University in March 2017.

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