The newly restored Orpheum Theatre now stands ready to embrace its exciting future as a major Los Angeles entertainment venue for live concerts, movie premieres, film festivals, location shoots, theatrical productions, religious functions, conferences, fundraisers, private parties and many other special events. Technical specifications are available on request. Following are general specifications.


The Orpheum’s spacious orchestra, loge, balcony, and side boxes offer newly-installed upholstered seats and comfortable accommodation for over 2,000 people.
The first five rows of seats can be removed to create extra space for camera crews, a dance floor and a variety of other needs.
The main floor and balcony are wheelchair accessible.

The stage, which measures 30’ (D) x 50’ (W), is completely upgraded with all new rigging and electrical, making the facility more user-friendly to promoters, film companies and event producers. An eight-foot stage extension is available.

Orchestra Pit
The Orpheum is home to the Mighty Wurlitzer, the last of the great theater organs remaining on Broadway. It is one of only three original theater organs still existing in Southern California theaters. This beautiful instrument is moveable to either side of the orchestra pit, or can be stored backstage.
The orchestra pit accommodates up to 16 musicians.
There is a scissor lift that goes from the seating level to the stage level. This lift is 8' x 10' and accommodates up to 4,000 pounds.


The lobby’s white marble walls are beautifully restored and new plush carpeting replicating the lavish pattern of the original has been installed. This lovely space accommodates up to 300 people for cocktail parties, hors d’oeuvres, bar setups, coffee & dessert bars and much more.

The Orpheum’s handsome wood-paneled lounge can handle up to 175 people. The room’s decorative fireplace adds an inviting touch. A separate private cocktail lounge and food preparation room are conveniently located for parties and other events.


The mezzanine, which overlooks the theater’s lobby, is a wonderful, out-of-the-way space that lends itself well to silent auctions, event overflows, exhibition space and other uses. This area accommodates up to 125 people.

Air Conditioning
An essential part of the renovation was the installation of an energy efficient central air conditioning system throughout the venue. In the auditorium, cool air rises up through the floor under the seats allowing immediate comfort.

Projection Booth
For film screenings and movie premieres, the projection booth contains two 35mm projectors with Dolby Digital Stereo and Surround Sound. There are two follow-spots for live performances.

A completely new lighting system includes 288 dimmers, four 400-amp disconnects, two trusses with 120 PAR cans, follow-spots and ETC lighting console.

The theater has excellent natural acoustics and now offers 24-speaker Dolby Surround Sound.
The new audio system is upgradeable and a significant addition for any kind of event.

Dressing Rooms

The star dressing room is an 800 square foot master suite, which includes a brand new full bathroom and a makeup room with adjoining lavatory. The suite includes satellite TV and Internet access.
Also backstage are three floors of dressing rooms with showers. Stairs and an elevator connect all dressing rooms.

Green Room
Conveniently located under the stage, the green room can be used as a lounge or for wardrobe, rehearsals, storage, technical production and more. A laundry room is easily accessible from the green room and dressing rooms.


All restrooms have been attractively enhanced, upgraded and expanded. The ladies’ room is now triple its original capacity.

The theater offers two elevators, both 2,000 lb. capacity. The elevator for guest use is located at the front lobby area and provides access to the downstairs lounge and the mezzanine and balcony levels.
The backstage elevator is adjacent to the dressing rooms and rear entry for use by talent and production crews.

The theater is accessible from the alleyway in the rear of the theater through two entrances (rear of lobby and backstage). The stage entrance is adjacent to the backstage elevator.

There are more than 1,200 parking spaces – all within one block of the theater – many of which are behind and adjacent to the venue.
The parking lots at the rear of the theater can easily accommodate catering and equipment trucks, trailers, lunch tables and more.

The Orpheum’s central downtown location offers easy access for many different uses, such as special events, location shoots, live performances, fundraisers and more. It is in close proximity to:
Freeways – 110, 5, 101, 10
Staples Center
Los Angeles Convention Center
Grand Olympic Auditorium
Popular downtown hotels and restaurants

The Orpheum is located in a quiet, well-lit and secure area. The Orpheum Theatre’s staff is happy to provide professional event security to enhance the comfort and well-being of its guests.

Marquee character counts:
North side panel on street marquee:
35 characters per line x 4 lines = 140 characters
South side panel on street marquee:
35 characters per line x 4 lines = 140 characters
Center panel on street marquee (usually reserved for house use):
26 characters per line x 4 lines = 104 characters
Inner marquee over the brass front doors:
64 characters per line x 2 lines = 128 characters

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