Box Office:
We are only open on show days & then usually only an hour or so before doors open.  You cannot buy tickets from us over the phone, nor can we tell you which seats are still available.  We are a Ticketmaster venue & you can buy tickets from Ticketmaster 24/7.  We do sometimes sell tickets for other events on show days, but that’s usually a special case, so it’s best to call to make sure it can be done.

Will Call:
ID is required for Will Call ticket pickup. We do not print will call tickets until right before the doors open. Do not call us to see if your tickets are there.  Ditto for checking to see if you’re “on the list”.  The list often doesn’t show up until the last minute.  You’re just gonna have to trust whoever was supposed to put you on the list.  You cannot pick up will call any other time than shortly before a show because will call tickets are often printed on-site at the last minute.

Still Cameras, Video Cameras, Recording Devices:
The Orpheum Theatre as a venue does not prohibit these devices, but the artists performing here often request that we not let people bring them in, so we recommend you leave them at home.  The theatre staff does not know ahead of time if these devices will be permitted, as we often find out from the tour manager shortly before doors open.  If we do get this info early, we’ll post it on this website on the Calendar page.  Otherwise, you’ll find out when you get here.  If cameras are prohibited, there will be signs posted at the main entrance. 

Group Tickets:
No group sales are available for our events, unless otherwise noted in the specific event info on the Calendar page.

GA means General Admission.  We don’t have many GA shows.  When we do, there are sequential numbers printed on the tickets.  Ignore them, they’re not seat numbers.  GA always means first come, first served.  Reserved means that you have an assigned seat.

Our seating is even & odd, meaning that seats go 2, 4, 6 or 1, 3, 5 etc. There is an exception, though: in the Balcony there is a section that runs sequentially 201 to 213.  So if you have Orchestra Row G seats 04 & 06, there will not be a stranger sitting between you & your date, I promise. 

Unless it’s a GA show, there’s no need to get here before the posted “doors time”.  If it is a GA show, please check the Calendar page to see if there is info on when you can start lining up.

Yes, we have accessible seating and restrooms.  Please make sure if you are buying your tickets through Ticketmaster that they know you want accessible seating.  If you need accessible seating and don’t have a special ticket, we’ll work with you to meet your needs.

Backstage, Press or VIP Passes:
Don’t even ask us, the venue.  These always need to be arranged through the promoter.

Hotels & Restaurants:
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